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Butch. Butchie. How long does this charade have to go on?

You can be honest with us. The media, we've known you a long time. We're all friends here. Of course you've got a good thing going for you with North Carolina. We were all very happy for you when you landed on your feet after the whole Browns thing.

But be honest, Butch. You've had your fling. You've proved your point. You've orchestrated your turnaround. You're still an attractive, desirable coach. This Carolina thing ... it was always just a short-term matter of convenience, wasn't it? Be honest: Can you really see yourself with the Tar Heels for the rest of your career?

Because let's face it, Butch, at your age, a catch like Tennessee isn't going to come along every day. You have a lot going for you, but you're not exactly the spry gunslinger with the world at his feet anymore. You've got baggage. You've had some health issues. We've all noticed the little paunch.

Don't get defensive. It happens to the best of us -- believe us, as sportswriters, we know. The point is, Tennessee wants you. Everybody can see it. You may keep denying it. But we've all talked it over, all the media, and we think if you just gave the Vols a chance, you'd see you're really perfect for each other.

North Carolina will get over it. Sure, they may be a little hurt at first, but they'll be fine. It happens. They're a mature program; they've been dumped before. You need to focus on what makes you happy. You can deny it forever, but we see it all over your face. If you don't give this thing with Tennessee a chance, you'll regret it. One of these days, we're sure, you'll wish you listened to us.

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Dr. Saturday

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