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Physical reputation notwithstanding, kickers have always been regarded as eccentric and mentally tough as a byproduct of the job. Pat McAfee, a three-year starter at punter and kicker for West Virginia and a legitimate NFL hopeful, isn't unusual in that regard. He's unusual because he uses those traits to jump into the squared circle with a grown man known as "War Pig":

Still, the pig-masked man dressed in a bloody apron took 22-year-old McAfee's left leg and wrapped it around the post while the kicker writhed in pain on the blood-splattered canvas. He'd been smacked around for five minutes before being dragged to the turnbuckle.

Despite the rough start, the Charleston Daily Mail details a victorious night for McAfee all the way around, beginning with just getting into the ring: After attending his first IWA East Coast wrestling show last year, McAfee expressed his interest to organizers, who got in touch with him at the end of football season. Prior to the match, he was recognizable enough to the Charleston crowd for a nice round of autographs, pictures and general appreciation before the show, setting up some minor drama when someone dressed as a doctor got in the ring and concocted a behind-the-scenes feud with "War Pig" as an excuse to pull McAfee out of the audience. And finally, even with no real rasslin' experience or training whatsoever, he managed to pin War Pig for the win, the only way he knew how:

Fans watched as McAfee stood close to one of the corners in the ring while "War Pig" charged toward him. Before the wrestler could hit him, McAfee leaped over him, and landed just in time to see "War Pig" slam into the turnbuckle.

That's when McAfee started using his legs.

As the "War Pig" stumbled back toward McAfee, the football player launched a kick that would bring most men to tears followed quickly by another kick to the face that caused the wrestler to drop to the canvas.

McAfee's long-term wrestling ambitions were already known, despite the high likelihood he'll catch on with an NFL team before next season. Give War Pig a little credit here: When he wraps a man's leg around a steel post, he makes sure it's his non-kicking leg. That's the mark of a real pro.

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