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The on-again-off-again rumors of a renewing the Miami-Notre Dame series got some new life this week, even if it remains a long shot -- and a long way off, at any rate, since these things are done almost a decade in advance.

In a way, it's best the series doesn't happen, since the Irish and 'Canes in their current states can only sully the epic late eighties showdowns, when both teams were at the top of the polls and the rivalry was at fever pitch (this was back when Notre Dame Stadium could actually reach a fever pitch). There's no one better to reminisce about the good ole days than Rocket Ismail, who not only recounts the brawl before Notre Dame's 31-30 win in the 1988 classic with the requisite theatricality, but also does a fair impersonation of Lou Holtz -- who, you will note, was not resorting to magic tricks for motivation:

Of course, not even the Rocket could pump up a game like Brent Musburger. Watch the 1988 highlights from a Notre Dame perspective, see the 'Canes' win in 1989 from a Miami perspective, and have a good weekend.

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