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Baylor 41, Texas A&M 21. I would like to note here that the last two-thirds of the Aggies' tally is purely cosmetic: Baylor led 41-7 entering the fourth quarter. Four interceptions (in this case, all thrown by Jerrod Johnson) will leave anyone scrambling to put lipstick on one of the more ghoulish pigs in school history, and A&M made it look slightly less ghastly.

You can't lay the humiliating margin on turnovers, though, and that's the real problem here, the real cancer that goes much deeper than a rebuilding year. In a legitimate rebuilding year, a loss to a vastly improved Baylor outfit and its electric young quarterback might just be part of the process. If it was only turnovers, those few plays by an inexperienced quarterback can be corrected with time and maturity. A&M has struggled with Baylor with before. I think they said something along these lines after the loss to Arkansas State.

But there's a big difference between going down in overtime, as the Aggies did in Waco in 2004, and giving up 500-plus yards in (essentially, minus the fourth quarter lipstick) a five-touchdown rout. Coaching transitions don't account for that sort of failure. Against Oklahoma, maybe. Against Baylor, absolutely not. The Bears are the sixth different offense to hang at least 40 on A&M, and it could have been worse if it needed to be. Other teams that have allowed 40 points to Baylor since 2004: the worst Washington State team of the modern era, Northwestern State (twice), Rice, Samford and the worst Oklahoma State team of the last decade. And now the worst Texas A&M team of at least the last 35 years. Mike Sherman's leash must be getting very short.

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