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Akron defensive end Shawn Lemon tied for the team lead last fall with three sacks, but suspected new coach Rob Ianello might be planning to move more younger players into the lineup in an effort to inject a little life into the MAC's most anemic pass rush. He probably did not expect his decision to transfer to be made by a misdirected text message intended for Ianello's boss:

While reconsidering his decision this week, Lemon received an inadvertent text message from Ianello, intended for athletic director Tom Wistrcill. The message suggested that Lemon had spoke about transferring before, and he may be doing it to seek attention.

That was apparently the last straw for Lemon, who is putting together his highlight tapes and has prepared his transfer documents. He is looking at William & Mary, Appalachian State and New Mexico as potential destinations for his last year of eligibility.

Lemon ascribed his departure to not "seeing eye to eye" with Ianello, but if he was in fact "seeking attention," he has it now as college football's first text-induced refugee on record. On the bright side, if Ianello needed a reminder to avoid mixing up the "To" and "Subject" fields, at least it only cost him a defensive end and not, say, his wife. If Akron Zip football was a sitcom, this would have turned out much worse for at least the first 22 minutes.

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