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Pete Carroll has the name, the youthful energy, the cosmopolitan, elbow-rubbing, 50-hours-a-day lifestyle and ten times the followers. But for capturing the pure essence of the new technology, no coach is tweeting quite like Bill Stewart.

Coach Stew doesn't just make a hilariously misguided prediction of the basketball championship; he reveals his own values in the process. (He appreciates Tom Izzo's "blue collar" mentality.) He doesn't just tell you he's listening to "Small Town" by John Cougar Mellencamp at 4:15 a.m.; he tells you why it means something to him.(It made him think on and reflect on what a great town Morgantown is. Did he pound the steering wheel in excitement? Did he pull over to weep? Oh, the curses of 140 character limits!) In fact, because he (or his ghostwriter) actually writes in something resembling complete sentences, almost all of Stewart's tweets are over 130 characters, suggesting a man who not only eschews the indulgent amateurism of exclamation points but who longs futilely to break the constraints imposed by his environment -- yet always stops just short of the line.

Others may make fun. But as long as there are unruly kickers and an offensive line that needs to grow up fast behind the scenes, Coach Stew will tweet on.

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Dr. Saturday

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