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Even for the most respected college coaches, it's rare to build a resume of achievement so lofty that their fan bases elevate them to godlike status. Before this week, the only ones I could think of who'd reached that point were Bear Bryant, Nick Saban, and -- uh, that may be it, actually. But for the first time, deity status appears to have been conferred upon a coach outside the Tuscaloosa city limits, for after only two years at Georgia Tech, Paul Johnson is being called upon to lay hands on small children.

Congratulations, Jacket fans, you're almost there. Next step for your fan base: embezzling seven figures for the express purpose of continuing your regular pilgrimages to the Flats. Get on it.

A blessed weekend to all of you readers, yellow-jacketed and non-, and many thanks for your time and your patience this week. The good Doctor makes his triumphant return on Monday.

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Hat tip: Get the Picture.

Matt Hinton is on vacation this week. Inform Doug Gillett what a poor substitute he is at dougie_doodle-at-yahoo.

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