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Last week, down 45-38 with 1:37 to play at Iowa State, Texas Tech tried a conventional, last-gasp onside kick that ISU's Jeremy Reeves took the other way for the icing Cyclone touchdown. Today, moments after scoring to pull even with Baylor in the first quarter, the Red Raiders went back to the well for the rare surprise onside kick. It ... did not go well:

Credit to the Raiders' Cornelius Douglas for being aware enough to realize the ball hadn't traveled the requisite 10 yards that would allow the Raiders to recover with possession. Demerits to Douglas for apparently not realizing that the ball was still live, and could be returned, as it was here for six by the Bears' Terrance Ganaway. Instead, he and kicker Donnie Carona stand over the ball like they're preparing to down a punt, and Douglas even jump back a little as Ganaway picks it up, like he's scared the ball's going to touch him. And that's how Texas Tech gave up a touchdown return on an onside kick for the second week in a row.

[Video: Running back jumps defenders like hurdles for touchdown]

As it stands, Baylor's going to need all the points it can get: The Raiders rolled up well over 400 yards on offense en route to a 35-28 halftime lead. (The over/under going into the game: 63.) Quarterbacks Taylor Potts and Robert Griffin are basically throwing against air at this point. [UPDATE, 3:43 p.m. ET] The offenses slowed down bit in the second half, but the seven-point margin stood for a 45-38 Red Raider win.

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