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Coach Lane Kiffin made a ... let's say, earnest acting debut last week to promote USC season tickets. It worked out, but only after they'd left a few of Kiffin's original, raspy ad libs on the cutting room floor:

[trumpet blares] "It's garbage day."

"I'm whatever Gotham needs me to be."

"They told me this is made of unicorn hair."

"I used to coach in the NFL."

[trumpet blares] "It's burrito day. You know, in the cafeteria."

"Can I borrow those handcuffs?"

"I'm just a gangsta, I suppose."

[trumpet blares] "It's Tolkien Reading Day."

"'The Visor'" is going to be my thing now. Did everybody get that? Spurrier? The Visor is my thing now."

"Say hello to my li'l friend."

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