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This is spring football at Notre Dame circa 1930, when the concept was still viewed as something of an oxymoron, like a "four-sided triangle":

... and in 2010, when spring drills have assumed slightly greater urgency for new coach Brian Kelly:

I'm not sensing Rockne's sense of democracy at the outset of Kelly's administration, much less giddy dog piles and jitneys to the barrell house.

At the top of Kelly's list of complaints earlier this week (just behind the slow pace) was quarterback Dayne Crist, who was deemed "about as sloppy with fundamentals as there are" just a day after Kelly lobbed some rare praise at top backup Nate "Yes That Montana" Montana, son of Joe, a longshot who Kelly does not want to officially dismiss from the competition despite the roughly zero percent chance of Montana unseating Crist as the starter. As if there was any doubt, Crist comes in today for his obligatory Associated Press profile as the new Irish QB, in which we learn he's "not big on sense of entitlement." One week in, it sounds like Kelly's right there with him.

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Dr. Saturday

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