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Former Texas quarterback Colt McCoy got hisself hitched over the weekend to college sweetheart Rachel Glandorf in what was supposed to be a private ceremony. This being 2010, however, there was never any chance that former teammate/roommate/childhood friend Jordan Shipley's honky-tonk ode to his most famous hunting buddy wouldn't see the light of day on the web – especially since Shipley and his co-author went out of their way to include a search-engine friendly Tim Tebow lyric, just for good measure:

I'll say this for the song: It's better than Shipley's previous efforts, and beats any of ESPN's faux redneck offerings simply by virtue of being actual country music. Colt may not get much of that in Cleveland, so as parting gifts go, they could have done a lot worse.

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Hat tip: TMZ.
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