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Video: Scott Van Pelt helps Les Miles embarrass his children on the court

Les Miles can school children in backyard basketball as long as he's wearing the right shoes.

Miles put his basketball talents on display during a hilarious video on LSUsports.net on Tuesday as part of Miles ESPN Car Wash visit. The video, which features one of Miles' sons and his 7-year-old daughter Macy Grace, shows the three playing basketball in the family backyard. Miles shows up to the game in high purple shorts, a tucked in T-shirt, a headband, high socks and the same ratty white tennis shoes he wears on the field during games.

The joke starts with the shoes:

The backstory: Back in October 2010, ESPN radio hosts Scott Van Pelt and Ryen Russillo mocked Miles' white shoes. Here's the text of the interview:

"…Then the question would be, would he still wear his Avia fat sneakers that no one knows the make of?" Van Pelt asked.

"I don't know if they're Avia's. I want them to be, though," Russillo answered.

"He'd be the only cat in America that's on place for a Nike school and say, 'No, no I'm just going to go ahead with these lucky Avia's that I've got back in like, '93. The fat ones that look like Air Force 1's," Van Pelt said.

Video: Scott Van Pelt helps Les Miles embarrass his children on the courtLate that week, Van Pelt received a package with one of Miles game-worn shoes inside. While it was ratty and white, it was also Nike. The shoe was signed:

"Here's one of my fat Avia's. — Les Miles"

So, Van Pelt retorted:

"The guy's got to update his gear because these sneakers are atrocious," Van Pelt said. "You're a Nike school. You can get the fancy purple and yellow ones like the Lakers shoes back in Magic's heyday."

So Miles decided to do just that.

After he fails at basketball with his "fat Avia's," Miles roots through his home until he finds a pair of purple and gold sneakers befitting of the Lakers. As he opens the box, there's a note from Scott Van Pelt that reads:

"Coach, now these are some proper kicks right here. I mean — how many SEC wins are these worth? 3 minimum before you eat any grass. Hope all is well in Baton Rouge."

The shoes then turn Miles into the best 57-year-old backyard basketball player ever. He not only blocks his son's shot, but also the shot of his 7-year-old daughter and manages to dunk the basketball all the while taunting his competition.

The only odd part about the whole shoe thing is that Miles actually changes into a pair of purple and gold Converse Weapon Hi 86's.

Guess that's better than the white fat Avia's.

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