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Regular readers may recall the infamous post-Orange Bowl interview in January wherein reporter Chris Myers brought four years of hamfisted BCS coverage on Fox to a close on a note of staggering condescension. He did so by asking victorious Iowa quarterback Ricky Stanzi if the Hawkeyes' win over Georgia Tech represented not just Iowa or the Big Ten, but "an entire group of American citizens" from "middle America." Facing one of the dumbest questions of his young career, Stanzy responded in the only appropriate fashion, by breaking into an impromptu Lee Greenwood song:

Such a simple statement, yet so many questions: What was Stanzi thinking? Does he regularly parrot nationalistic bumper-stickers? Who was he pointing at? And most importantly, was he being, you know, ironic?

Fortunately, finally, Cedar Rapids Gazette beat writer Marc Morehouse is on the case Friday with answers to all of these questions and more. And as for the big question, was he serious? ...:

... obviously, yes. Yes he was. Ricky Stanzi: Non-ironic patriot and really nice guy.

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