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In the khaki shorts and cornrows, we have Aberdeen (Miss.) High football star Jamerson Love, a three-star cornerback prospect and recent signee to Mississippi State. In the funky striped shirt and afro, we have his algebra teacher, Shobul Johnson. Keep it clean, gentlemen:

You will probably not be surprised to learn that, despite the pain and emotional suffering of being publicly body-slammed by a student – on camera, naturally – Mr. Johnson is no longer the algebra teacher at Aberdeen High:

An Aberdeen teacher has apparently been fired after roughhousing with a student.

Shobul Johnson, an algebra teacher at Aberdeen High School, reportedy was fired May 19 after an in-class wrestling match with Aberdeen football standout Jamerson Love.

According to an eyewitness who shot a video, Johnson asked his students to "black out the windows in his classroom and move the furniture" before the roughhousing ensued.

Love, reflecting the good-natured atmosphere in the video, said the incident was "blown out of proportion." Truly spoken like the winner.

The fact that this wound up on the Internet – and that anyone in the school could have easily predicted it was going to wind up on the Internet – highlights a downside of the increasingly nonchalant documentation of everyday life. Namely that relatively upstanding people instinctively become too wary to inject a little good-natured chaos into the proceedings every now and then. In my own Mississippi high school experience, I once had a Spanish teacher/assistant coach who offered to add 10 points to a certain student's grade on a final if he allowed another, bigger student to punch him in the stomach. The first student agreed, and took not one but two shots to the gut for 20 extra points.  (The first one, allegedly, "didn't hurt"; the second did). These iPhone-wielding, body-slamming kids today, I tell you, they don't know how easy they have it.

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Hat tip: Kyle Veazey.
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