Dr. Saturday - NCAAF

ESPN's skycam went on the offensive Friday night, snapping from its cables, crashing to the field and nearly taking out Iowa receiver Marvin McNutt in the waning minutes of the Insight Bowl.

It was bound to happen eventually, but to see the was quite stunning and mildly hilarious (once we knew everyone was all right). It was like the camera became self-aware and tried to defend its turf.

Luckily, the skycam, which is quite heavy, didn't actually hit anyone, though McNutt did catch it on the bounce and avoided the cable that tried to take his head off. Once the renegade camera was subdued, it was dragged off the field in rather sad fashion while players on the Iowa sideline continued to dodge dangling cables.

The camera was a bit too late to thwart an Oklahoma win. By the time it made its move, the Sooners had all but secured a 31-14 victory to close the season at 10-3.

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Video courtesy of @thesportsgeeks
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Dr. Saturday

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