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Let us count the amazing aspects of this fourth quarter collision Saturday night between LSU's all-purpose headhunter, Chad Jones, and Arkansas receiver Joe Adams, besides the sheer, frightening velocity:

1. Both lived. Adams actually got up almost immediately after shaking off the cobwebs; Jones was able to stagger off without too much drama.

2. Both returned to the field within a few plays -- it was Adams who hauled in the fourth down, go-ahead touchdown seconds later to put Arkansas up 30-27 and force the harried LSU drive that sent the game to overtime. This despite the fact that ...

3. Adams was diagnosed with a "minor stroke" that kept him out of a crucial three-game stretch in October but apparently has not made him or Razorback coaches squeamish about the durability of his brain in the meantime.

And maybe most surprisingly, given my previous stance on the issue,

4. I agree completely with the flag on Jones. Earlier in the year, I balked at the pervasiveness of "unnecessary roughness" calls against hits like this, but maybe because of the increasingly frightening news about concussions over the last few weeks, vicious hits at full-speed don't leave me thinking "He got jacked up!" anymore as much as they leave me thinking "He needs immediate medical attention and a careful consideration of his long-term future." I guess it's a good thing for Arkansas (and for the sake of a dramatic finish) that Joe Adams wasn't in that state of mind.

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Dr. Saturday

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