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Miami quarterback Jacory Harris is not going to be feeling good in the morning, thanks to Virginia's John-Kevin Dolce in the second quarter:

Harris is apparently out for the rest of the afternoon; beyond that, his status is uncertain. Early in the third quarter, the 'Canes trail 14-0 and are so desperate for a spark that they've already turned to the third-stringer, true freshman Stephen Morris, after top backup Spencer Whipple replaced Harris with two interceptions in six attempts. So much for that redshirt.

And now, because college football has made its intention to follow the NFL's legislative exuberance on dangerous hits, the dissection: Did Dolce come in late? Did he come in too high? Did his helmet make contact with Harris'? Was Harris in a "defenseless" position as he let the ball go? The hit wasn't flagged, but neither were the hits that led to one-game suspensions against Nebraska's Eric Martin and Mississippi State's Chris Hughes last week, and the prevailing standards for what used to be considered impressive hits are far from obvious to everyone.

That's not to suggest Dolce should come in for any sort of discipline, or that he will. But we're obviously at a point in college football where any shot that takes a quarterback clean off his feet and out of a game is going to draw some additional scrutiny.

[Update, 3:48 p.m. ET] The final score is in: Virginia 24, Miami 19, despite three fourth quarter touchdowns (two passing, one rushing) by Morris in his first significant college action. The team declined to update Harris' status or prognosis for next week against Maryland.

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