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We've written an awful lot about uniforms around here lately, always with someone asking, urgently, "Who cares?!?!?" Well, I'll tell you who cares: The Ohio Bobcats care. They care a lot.

In fact, based on their initial reaction to the black-on-black motif they debuted in last Saturday's 44-7 rout over Marshall, either they're improbably enthusiastic Johnny Cash fans, or the Bobcats care about the uniforms a little too much:

Is there an entry on the injury report for "Hamstring (Excessive Uniform Celebration)" ? At least no one starting crying.

Speaking of which, bring on the inevitably Bieber-themed parody in 3… 2… 1…

Sorry, guys, but you deserved that. You really did.

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Hat tip: SBN and @elevenwarriors.
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