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Just a reminder that, as coaching staffs fill out, recruiting winds down and we shift into the dooooooog days of the offseason, not one but two bills proposing a college football playoff by legislative fiat are sitting in the 111th Congress, hoping against hope to escape the killing floors of their respective committees. One of them I've written about before: Introduced by Texas Rep. Joe Barton and co-sponsored by fellow Texan Michael McCaul (whose district, coincidentally, lies just outside of Austin), it remains languishing in the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. Another, sponsored by California's Gary Miller (who reps USC country) and just brought to my attention this weekend, awaits action in the committee on Education and Labor.

The assumption, of course, is that all substantial bills not accompanied to the chambers by torches and pitchforks will die a slow death -- Miller's bill is but one of 84 currently in front of the Education and Labor folks, the vast majority of which are either meaningless or will never see the light of day; the playoff measures are pretty transparent grandstanding on behalf of jilted fans/constituents and probably have not been (and will not be) considered for action. Utah's Orrin Hatch delivered a long-winded congratulations to the Utes on the Senate floor Friday, and suggested the Justice Department could investigate the BCS as an illegal trust, but he didn't reference either bill in the House. They're certainly not coming up this week.

But as long as these crucial proposals are there, it's part of the Doc's duty to keep you updated on their status (or the lack thereof, such is the case). Think of it as a public service, and godspeed anyway, little bills.

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