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It's confirmed by the Tulsa World: As suspected, tight end Jermaine Gresham, All-American, leading receiver and receptor of both of Oklahoma's touchdowns in the championship loss to Florida, will not play Saturday against BYU:

Oklahoma All-America tight end Jermaine Gresham has cartilage damage to his right knee and will not play Saturday against BYU, but the extent and treatment of the injury are currently uncertain.

According to a press release today from the university, the "evaluation process is continuing" regarding Gresham's playing status this season.

Chalk up another one for the message boards -- and for getting out while the gettin's good: Gresham could have been a first-round pick in April if he'd decided to leave last winter, and drying the tears of his preseason injury with $500 bills. A lingering injury could cost Oklahoma its most consistent receiver (Miami and Texas are four and six weeks away, respectively) and could cost Gresham personally if he struggles to get back on the field or comes back at less than full speed.

Or it could be a forgettable bump in another prolific run on one of the most dominant offenses in the country; the process is continuing.

In much darker Sooner State tight end news, the mysterious exit of Oklahoma State starter Jamal Mosley earlier this week has been explained: A female student accused Mosley of raping her in a dorm room. This is clearly the source of his dismissal, but after the similar Carl Johnson affair dissipated at Florida with no charges or suspensions earlier this year, I'm hesitant to throw any stones: The girl's protective order against Mosley was dropped when no one showed up to a hearing on Wednesday, and she was reportedly unconscious (after arriving "very intoxicated") during the alleged assault; she told police she woke up in her own room. Mosley is looking into transferring to Tennessee and has not been charged with anything pending lab analysis; again, the process is continuing.

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Hat tip on Gresham: Burnt Orange Nation.

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