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As the unquestioned star of one of the nation's top darkhorse candidates this fall and a certain first-round pick next April, Washington quarterback Jake Locker probably isn't going to need any additional hype if he lives up to expectations this fall (to the extent that's possible for a guy who has struggled with accuracy throughout his career and would be embarking on an heroic effort to drag the Huskies above .500 for the first time since 2002).

Just to be sure, though, Washington mailed a postcard this week to members of the Football Writers Association of America, many of whom also vote for the Heisman Trophy. Not that it's a Heisman campaign, mind you – the famous surname appears nowhere on the postcard, which is stamped instead with laudatory quotes from Mel Kiper Jr. and a handful of opposing players and coaches, with Locker's career stats and honors on the back. Just, you know, to have around when the inspiration for that fawning, 5,000-word front-page profile strikes.

The best quote comes from Notre Dame safety Harrison Smith, who told a group of awestruck reporters after the Irish's overtime win over Washington last October that Locker didn't "just stick his arm out" on stiffarms, always a sure sign of a Heisman frontrunner tasteful, non-aggressive yeoman who expects no reward beyond the satisfaction of a crisply delivered stiffarm in and of itself. Oregon fans did a little better with some choice quotes of their own, but hopefully those cards didn't quite make it to any voters independent-minded, incorruptible scribes.

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