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What's that? Oh, hi, Fox cameras. It seems you've randomly caught me in the completely natural and not-at-all-planned act of enjoying a delicious bag of TOSTITOS® Scoops!® Hint of Jalapeño flavored tortilla chips on Boise State's sideline during the second quarter of the TOSTITOS® Fiesta Bowl. (Which is only the most exciting bowl game ever! Am I right?) I mean, what are the odds that you would innocently pan to me, with no direction, and discover me nonchalantly devouring America's third-favorite corn-based snack at an event already covered in approximately 11 square miles of TOSTITOS® logos? Weird!

It's no surprise, really, since you're likely to find me enjoying these savory, salty treats no matter when you turn the camera in my direction, pretty much anytime, anywhere, whether it's relaxing at the big game, working on my svelte figure or fending off the literally dozens of women who follow my vegetable oil musk back to the hotel on a nightly basis. With their unique Scoop!® design and highly suggestive yet inoffensive hint of jalapeño, TOSTITOS® Scoops!® Hint of Jalapeño flavored tortilla chips are as perfect for the quasi-championship football on display at the TOSTITOS® Fiesta Bowl as they are for TOSITIOS® All Natural Chunky Salsa, TOSTITOS® Creamy Southwestern Ranch Dip and especially TOSTITOS® Salsa Con Queso. Sounds like a winning combination to me! (Just be sure I don't have any delicious TOSTITOS® Monterey Jack Queso all over my fingers when you surprise me like this next time!)

Why no, come to think of it, I don't have any shame. Why do you ask?

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Hat tip: Deadspin

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