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Today's reminder that Alabama fandom is basically a religious cult comes from Friends of the Program, which points us to this veritable cathedral on wheels – a Toyota Scion in Birmingham with the iconic "Rocky Block," Terrence Cody's swatted field goal attempt on the final play against Tennessee to preserve the Tide's perfect season en route to the BCS championship, serving as a kind of stained-glass window:

More proof of the cornucopia of American capitalism: If you've got a picture, you can put that picture on anything, even if the subsequent accidents and rising insurance rates resulting from obscured vision . (Although we won't truly be living Adam Smith's utopian dream until you can fill your rear windshield with this.)

Bonus points awarded for the bumper sticker, in this case serving as the equivalent of the marquee beneath the church sign: "If I'm wearing a turban it means Auburn is playing Iraq." And they say Islamophobia is on the rise.

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