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When I was referencing tonight's game earlier today, it took a tremendous amount of wherewithall and discipline to avoid typing, repeatedly, "in the Orange Bowl." Because it's not in the Orange Bowl. They tore that sweatshop down, remember? It's actually on a sometimes-baseball field. Where even though it's no longer baseball season, the infield clay will be either spray-painted, half-filled by new grass just poking its way through or covered by some makeshift, diamond-shaped lump of sod that's fooling no one.

At least the game is of consequence in the ACC Coastal, where Virginia Tech controls its destiny and the Canes -- winners of four in a row -- need only a North Carolina loss to become masters of their postseason fate. The offenses aren't much, especially the quarterbacks, but Virginia Tech's grab-bag, Darren Evans Smash offense was more than enough to beat Maryland senseless last Thursday. Plus Sean Glennon: 9-0 as a starter in November. You can't make that up.

What: Live blogging ESPN's broadcast of Virginia Tech at Miami. All comments welcome, irreverence and snark encouraged.
When: Blog kicks roughly simultaneously with the game at 7:30 Eastern.
Why: Thursday night games involving the Hokies are always interesting in their own way -- Glennon in a magic-markered Georgia Tech jersey FTW -- and Miami's pending ascent requires some kind of coming-out party for its young pups/tropical depression. Plus this blog has a good chance of outnumbering actual Miami fans at the game (Unarmed ones, anyway. We don't pack here; we prefer virtual cats o' nine tails).
Who: You and your favorite South Beach shot glass/matching t-shirt. Bring a sweater, though -- however warm your Spring Break memories, it's November, and being poked awake by police isn't as much fun on the pavement next to a pay phone outside the Golden Corral as it was on the beach in '87. Not that it won't still be worth it, when you look back ...

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