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Off his fateful interview with the Jets, Jeff Jagodzinski met with Boston College athletic director Gene DeFilippo this morning, and the AD's tough talk must become reality: Jags is officially out as head coach, according to the Boston Globe, backed up in more cautious terms by the Boston Herald. A press conference is expected later today. Top BC blog Eagle in Atlanta is feeling nostalgic (though he doesn't mention Jags' joyous "Matt Ryan Just Won the Game" dance, for some reason).

Jagodzinski is going to land on his feet in the pros, probably not as a head coach (no one seems to consider him a likely candidate for the Jets, despite the hoopla surrounding his interview), but possibly as the Seahawks' offensive coordinator. As for BC, all signs point to longtime defensive coordinator Frank Spaziani or another member of the current staff succeeding Jags, though the Herald also expects an outside search, which means the new hire probably won't be announced at the same press conference at which his old boss is canned.

This may seem like a rash move by DeFilippo, out of some misguided pride that no coach of his should want to even consider leaving a plum spot at Boston College, but he has to go through with the thing after the staring match of the last four days. Jagodzinski hasn't been above-board, either: DeFilippo apparently learned about Jags' dalliance with the Jets from the media just hours after he'd been told face-to-face by his coach that he wasn't interested in the pros, and says he hasn't been able get in touch with Jagodzinski throughout the process. I'm not taking sides. But as with so many relationships, this one seems to have been done in first and foremost by communication.

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UPDATE, 3:57 p.m ET: The press conference makes it official. DeFilippo called Jagodzinski "a wonderful person," but the next coach will be "somebody who really wants to be at Boston College, and who is going to be here for the length of their contract." He could come from within, as expected, or from an external search of "at least two or more" candidates not scared away from this little episode.

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