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The new Big Ten championship trophy is here, and it is quite tastefully understated, actually

You are looking live at the new Big Ten championship trophy, to be presented for the first time this December to the winner of the first-ever Big Ten Football Championship Game in Indianapolis. It's a silver football resting on top of an oddly shaped silver platform.

Is it kind of boring? It is. Is it a derivative of other trophies resting a silver football on top of an oddly shaped silver platform? Shamelessly so. Is it a perfectly acceptable reflection of the high levels of dedication, effort and achievement exhibited by the eventual Big Ten champion? Without a doubt.

Considering the conference's ill-fated attempt at originality when it came to naming the new divisions, and the hilariously misguided attempt by Iowa and Iowa State to veer from the beaten path when redesigning the Cy-Hawk Trophy, there's nothing wrong with keeping things a little close to the vest. After all, we're talking about a venerable, 100-year-old brand here, not the Insight Bowl: When you've got the Big Ten's old-school cachet, you can always spin "boring" as "classic." You kind of want your grandfather's championship trophy.

Now, about the thing with putting Michigan and Ohio State in opposite divisions

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