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Without a doubt, blazing Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson is the star of the early college football season, thanks to ridiculous afternoons against UConn and Notre Dame that left Robinson with more total yards to his name than almost three-fourths of the offenses nationally have gained. And where there's a star, there's a trademark personal quirk to exploit in feature stories, pregame segments and idle in-game chatter until it's achieved the maximum possible saturation. At which point even the diehards want to start stabbing things every time it comes up. In Denard Robinson's case, he doesn't tie his shoes.

He's never tied them, apparently, at least since middle school. Maybe earlier. He's also very, very fast. So if Fast guy – Shoelaces = Most talked-about player in America, well, even teenagers can do that math. From AOL Fanhouse:

There's an epidemic quickly spreading throughout the Midwest and it's only a matter of time before it engulfs the entire nation.

Teenagers throughout the Midwest, especially in Michigan, are deliberately walking around with their shoelaces untied. Blame it on Denard Robinson.

"I've had a few (high school) coaches calling me lately," Michigan quarterbacks coach Rod Smith told FanHouse. "They're begging me to please tell Denard to tie his shoelaces, because all their kids are trying to emulate him by not tying their shoelaces." [...]

"Anyone that runs a 10.2 in the 100 meters, I'm not telling him to tie his shoes," Smith said. "But if the head man (Coach Rich Rodriguez) wants to, that's his call."

Midwestern teenagers! For heaven's sake, tie your shoelaces before somebody gets hurt, or at least before your mothers run out of bleach for your turf-stained socks after you keep coming out of the overpriced cleats you insisted she buy a size-and-a-half too big in the first place. Everybody knows that you're an eight. And please, if you must go untied, even Denard has the common sense to use Velcro.

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Oh, and Michigan fans who'd had enough of this story a year ago, well, brace yourselves: The inevitable "College GameDay" featurette is coming, followed by at least one chuckling reference on every national broadcast for the next three years. It's a small price to pay.

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Hat tip: MGoBlog.
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