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If it's not abundantly clear by now, we are getting what you might call Sick To Death of the Congressional battle for the BCS, the latest iteration of which will apparently involve the invocation of the freaking Antitrust Act. (We do have to hand it to Orrin Hatch for sheer audacity, though: Had our team gone undefeated and been shut out of the title game we'd be raising all the hell we could manage too. It's just that his powers of squalling have considerably greater reach than our own.) As tiresome as this is all becoming, however, it would be drearier still if it were a one-sided fight, and to that end, we direct you to Real Clear Sports' interview with John Swofford, ACC commish and current "BCS Coordinator," which is not a very important-sounding title but apparently empowers him to strap on his fighting shoes and defend the cartel in the cattiest possible manner (emphasis added):

The BCS is voluntary. If a conference decided it did not want to be a part of the BCS there is certainly no requirement that it do so. Obviously if certain conferences said they were not going to be a part of it, that could be a factor in its continuation -- depending on which conferences, that is.

While his title is vaguely evocative of someone charged with bringing orange slices to meetings, there's no denying Swofford's got game. That there is some quality rhetorical flamethrowing. You feeling a burning sensation, citizens of the Mountain West? Go on, says John Swofford! We don't need you! We don't need anybody! And by "we", he means himself, the Pac-10, and the Big 10, the only two conferences we'd bet cold cash money would never flee the system thanks to their romantic devotion to the Rose Bowl and its trappings. Swofford's even confident enough to cop to the added financial gains that might ensue from implementing a playoff, with the air of a man utterly without fear. After all, what are piles of free money next to tissue paper roses and pretty girls on parade floats and yet another puzzlingly pedestrian throttling of a relatively hapless heartland opponent at the hands of USC?

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