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Oregon 42, Oklahoma State 31. Did someone say something about the Pac-10 being, like, soft or something? Something tells me Zac Robinson might disagree:

This is not an "OMG U got Jacked Up!" post, except in the sense that Oregon generally jacked up Oklahoma State for the entire second half: Robinson was personally rocked no less than three times in addition to the skull-jarring collision above, while the Ducks' offensive line opened up gaping holes for Jeremiah Masoli, LaGarrette Blount and Jeremiah Johnson, who responded in turn by fending off and occasionally bowling through OSU tacklers for seven runs of at least 10 yards after halftime. Both teams finished in the top-10 nationally in rushing, but only one dominated the line of scrimmage tonight:

With rippling acrobat Dez Bryant already limping through the motions after a knee injury in the second quarter, Robinson looked like he never quite recovered from the succession of hellacious shots he took in the third; he kept getting up, bless him, but his gait was slightly woozy, his passes down the stretch were scattershot and the Cowboy offense left the field without scoring on seven of its nine second half possessions.

Oregon, meanwhile, scored touchdowns on five of its nine turns with the ball after the break, and Masoli graduated from stumpy stopgap to all-purpose threat in a span of about 15 minutes. I don't know if it was talent, depth, stamina, scheme or simple effort, but the Ducks took over the game physically in a way no one expected, and the next step in the Cowboys' ascension is put on hold for another eight months.

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