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Terrelle Pryor is usually compared to another tall, lanky, hotly-recruited quarterback who could outrun everyone on the field, Vince Young, but the sophomore pledged his eye-black allegiance Saturday to another scrambler of his formative years, the recently resurrected Michael Vick. Understandable, given that Vick was the embodiment of "athletic quarterback with an arm" when Pryor was developing along the same lines from the ages of roughly 10 to 16-years old.

Childhood heroes die hard, and from the sound of things after Ohio State's escape against Navy Saturday, Pryor is more than willing to forgive his idol of sins even worse than the ones Vick has actually been accused of committing:

In case you missed that, Pryor's take on criminal justice and rehabilitation is as follows:

Not everybody is a perfect person in the world. Everyone kills people, murder people, steals from you, steals from me, whatever.

Truly spoken like a 19-year-old yet to complete construction on the maximum security wall of banality in the presence of reporters: Murder, theft, whatever, man. We're all just trying to make it through this world. With that kind of philosophy, animal cruelty must rate somewhere between a misdemeanor and a parking ticket. Speak with him, coach, and issue the requisite "clarification," and remind him to never say anything remotely interesting in public ever again.

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Hat tip: World of Isaac, via Pete Thamel.

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Dr. Saturday

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