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The Tebow Child wasn't exactly feeling like himself to begin with going into tonight's game against Kentucky, and when Florida took a 31-0 lead on the last play of the first quarter, I started texting a couple Gator fans, "Pull Tebow now. Good lord." Why don't you listen to random Internet pundits, Urban Meyer?

Tebow eventually staggered off the field with some help, where he sat for a while looking very spaced, exactly the opposite of the alert, compulsively engaged figure he usually cuts on the sideline, even in blowouts. The snap, on-air report from unnamed Florida officials at that point was "He's fine; he got his bell rung," immediately after which Tebow left the field, apparently vomiting as he went, and left the premises in an ambulance.

I'm not that kind of doctor, so I can't say with any authority that all signs point to a concussion, even though all veteran football watchers will recognize that they do; Meyer thinks so, too, but there's no official diagnosis tonight. The good news for the Gators: His exit cost them nothing in this game (consensus opinion this week will overwhelmingly suggest it should have come earlier, in a blowout in which Tebow entered under the weather and had already taken a lot of hits as a ballcarrier) and won't cost them anything next week, when their opponent is the boredom of a bye before traveling to LSU on Oct. 10. If Tebow's game hasn't been resurrected to 100 percent by then, it will be time to worry about the man.

[UPDATE, 12:08 a.m. ET] Tebow will be held overnight in Lexington for observation with a "bad concussion," according to an anonymous team source in the Sporting News, but a CT scan reportedly showed no bleeding on the brain. Which, doctor or not, I can say is always good. But the ramifications of a concussion -- an injury that can cost a player a few days or end his career -- being described as "bad" are up in the air, and not exactly reassuring.

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