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If you want to start a real argument in the SEC, you can always go to a couple of the old standbys, i.e. Alabama-Auburn or Georgia-Florida. But over the last two years, no debate in the conference has been fiercer than 'Bama and Georgia fans' competing claims to the league's best receiver: Julio Jones on one hand, A.J. Green on the other. They were both chart-topping, five-star freak shows as recruits in 2008. They both loom over cornerbacks at 6-4, making them nightmares in single coverage. They're both first-team all-conference picks by league coaches. They're both inevitably bound for the NFL next spring. They both wear No. 8. And their respective fan bases are both completely convinced their man is the best.

There's only one way to definitively settle the debate for all eternity: Let's go to the tape...

 A.J. GreenJulio JonesAdvantage
Career Stat Line109 rec, 1,771 yds, 14 TDs,
24 catches ≥ 25 yards
101 rec, 1,520 yds, 8 TDs,
14 catches ≥ 25 yards
Best Game8 catches, 153 yards, 1 TD, Blocked FG
vs. Arizona State (9/26/09)
5 catches, 124 yards, 0 TD
vs. Florida (12/06/08)
Head to Head6 catches, 88 yards, 1 TD,
41-30 Loss (9/27/08)
5 catches, 94 yards, 1 TD,
41-30 Win
Narrowly avoided eligibility scareHas never been to Miami.Repaid illegal benefits to charity.Jones
Nagging InjuryBroken collar boneSprained ankleGreen
Jaw-dropping go-ahead TD vs. LSUPush
Spontaneous outburst of unlikely affectionDefended by white, middle-aged Southerners for an excessive celebration penalty.Elected to student-body senate.Push
Achilles’ HeelSkinny, not physical enough; somewhat injury proneLacks elusiveness; somewhat injury proneJones
Signature styleCrazy vertical leap.Crazy dreadlocks.Green
Championship ringsNot yet.One SEC, one BCS.Jones

See, when you break it down, it's ... well, it's still an excruciating deadlock. You didn't think I was actually going to put myself in the path of either of these fan bases, did you?

Why don't we all demonstrate some of that famous SEC cameraderie and agree to enjoy their freakish gifts for one more year and let the NFL sort it out?

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