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Whatever else it had, whatever other rankings and accolades came cascading in for Georgia through the summer, at least there was always one caveat: they're not reliable in the passing game. Matt Stafford's right arm could be hacked up, melted down and sold for millions, but the receivers have inconsistent hands, there's no go-to guy, no game-changing, uh, no single presence who makes defenses, um, respect him, to, uh ...

I use that clip only because the half-dozen better catches A.J. Green hauled down amidst two and three Sun Devil defenders apparently aren't up yet. Not that you could have missed them on the highlight shows, or the writing on the wall if Green really is what he looks like from here on: Georgia's offense is impressively, horrifyingly complete, moreso now than any other point in the Mark Richt administration. Stafford's never had a true No. 1 receiver, as D.J. Shockley and David Greene before him never had a runner approximating Knowshon Moreno. Saturday night was a full cabinet on full display, and an open invitation to anyone who ever said "just stack the box."

Arizona State netted four yards rushing, by the way. Just in case Alabama fans were wondering how to play "keep away" Saturday in Athens. There's ony one way to go from here: man up and actually try to stop Moreno, or try to knock the pigment out of  Stafford's hair via outrageous blitzes. Godspeed, gentlemen.

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Dr. Saturday

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