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Since we headlined the ways the draft reinforced USC's recruiting dominance on Monday, it's only appropriate today that we go the other way:

A 2007 USC team that had 21 players get drafted by NFL teams the past two years lost to a Stanford team that had zero players drafted in the same period.

It's true: In two years, Jim Harbaugh hasn't sent a single player to the draft. Consider that -- that Stanford somehow beat, effectively, a nearly full-fledged NFL lineup without a single NFL-quality player -- and marvel again at the most unbelievable upset of your lifetime.

The Trojans can stockpile all the talent on earth, but this is still a problem: Oregon State last year wasn't nearly in Stanford's position -- the Beavers tied for second nationally with seven draft picks last weekend, not including either of their best offensive players, the Super Rodgers Bros. -- but under their current circumstances (unless Terrelle Pryor morphs into Vince Young before the Trojans' trip to Columbus September), there's hardly an excuse for USC to lose to anyone before running into a Florida, LSU or Texas at the end of the year. The blemishes here will always loom large: To whom much is given, heavy is the head, etc.

In the meantime, Harbaugh's still pulling out all the stops to convince people to actually attend Stanford games. Toby Gerhart! Off-tackle! Yeah, that's a hit.

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