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Admittedly, St. Patrick's Day is a pretty obscure date where I'm from -- SEC country not being notable for its historical hospitality to immigrant culture, or Catholicism in particular -- observed almost exclusively by mean-spirited children looking for a good excuse to pinch classmates with relative impunity. Today, however, we honor the ancient isle that brought us Jonathan Swift, JFK, Bono, Conan O'Brien and Barack Obama with a tribute to its greatest contribution to college football -- "Damsha Bua," the traditional victory clog of Notre Dame's towering Irish Guard (judging from YouTube comments, actual Irishmen are encouraged to judge the costumes on spirit above historical accuracy):

And for those of you still more of the mindset of those mean-spirited children, maybe you can better identify today with the inevitable guy trying (unsuccessfully) to make the guardsmen crack:

Slainte, y'all.

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Dr. Saturday

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