Dr. Saturday - NCAAF

You might think the defending conference champion would chalk up a 46-13 win over one of the worst teams in modern history to, you know, being a better team. That's why you're an amateur. Howard Schnellenberger knows better: The old coach had no intention of playing some of the who dats who routed North Texas Saturday, salvaging Florida Atlantic's distant hopes of repeating as Sun Belt champ. It would have been crazy, in fact, if you ever saw these kids in practice. But certain personnel directors, you can't afford to ignore:

"We had some young guys who came alive," Schnellenberger said. "God is leading us down an involuntary path that is exposing some of the talent that we have there that we haven't been shrewd enough or courageous enough to bring into the games."
Emphasis added.

God, huh? What's his buyout?

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Dr. Saturday

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