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Randall Cobb, you've just scored the game-winning touchdown to upset a highly ranked division rival and keep Kentucky in the suddenly wide-open race for the SEC East. What are you going to do next?

"I'm going to rip the home fans on Twitter!"

@rcobb18: To all the fans: loved seein Yall come late, love hearing Yall tell us we suck during the game love we have to play against our

@rcobb18: own fans too! Love that we can't pack the house when we play #10 team in the nation. It means that much more to me. I love my..

@rcobb18: .....my team! Brotherhood they got my back n I got they back. The rest of Yall can get ready for bball season!

The classic "basketball school" dig has to cut Wildcat fans that much deeper coming from the star football player. The Tweets came in the immediate aftermath of Kentucky's 31-28 comeback to knock off No. 10 South Carolina, and were quickly deleted from Cobb's account (currently over 10,000 followers as of early Sunday afternoon). You can find the Tweets elsewhere, if you're interested, or search for the replies. Expect a public apology forthwith, possibly followed by the increasingly popular team-wide Twitter ban from coach Joker Phillips.

For the record, official attendance in Lexington was 67,955, the second straight week the number has exceeded the official capacity of Commonwealth Stadium (67,606), and a little better than the announced average (66,209) over the first 25 home games of Cobb's career. But it did take some of the students a few minutes to trickle in.

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