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Following the weekend's conquered favorites and other notables through the stages of grief.

Anger. Florida State University is home to some of the nation's most prestigious fine-arts programs. It is also home to a football team that has spent the last decade skidding downhill from a perennial perch atop the ACC to a string of consolation-prize December bowls; currently sits at 2-3 (0-2 in the ACC); and has vultures in high places swooping in on its legendary coach after losing to a Boston College outfit that managed all of 54 yards total offense against Clemson two weeks ago. So with all that creative, artistic talent on campus, maybe it was only a matter of time before some original thinker came up with an innovative, strikingly visual idea for symbolizing the end of the road for a fading legend:

... [T]o show support of our team, of our school and of our legacy we must protest the current regime. Put those black out UNCONQUERED shirts to good use! Wear black to every home game... hell were them to every away game and cheer on the Noles but let everyone know... THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!


Make a statement and hopefully the message will be heard!

Wearing Black is not taking a shot specifically taking a shot at Bobby. Its [to] tell the administration that something drastic needs to be done to show we are still determined to win a [national championship] and were not ok with mediocrity.

The Facebook group "Black Out Doak for Change" has more than 2,400 members as of Monday morning, one of whom may or may not be the chair of FSU's Board of Trustees, who took to the Tallahassee Democrat Sunday to call for the end of the Bowden era because "We don't have any goodwill out there right now" among fans or, more importantly, boosters. That's a good window on the sad state of a proud program, as is the fact that FSU fans have taken full advantage of the rare opportunity to personify the "anger" category two weeks in a row. We'll see what the crowd at Doak Campbell looks like Saturday for a do-or-die date with Georgia Tech.

Depression. Who looks more depressed, readers: North Carolina defensive tackle Cam Thomas, representing the post-loss malaise of Carolina March after the Heels' offensive collapse against Virginia, or the baby panda that served as one of several ursine emotional proxies at Tar Heel Mania?

Actually, it's a trick question. Since both Thomas and the panda are upset over the Tar Heels losing by two touchdowns at home to a previously winless team that kicked off its season with a home loss to I-AA William & Mary, any discussion of who's more depressed is like trying to determine the precise mass of two distant Red Giants: They're both too immense for the average human to realistically contemplate. Thomas does look like he could use a hug, though. Does anyone know how to get in touch with the panda?

Acceptance. The last time Houston was nationally ranked before this season, the first George Bush was president, Timothy Dalton was James Bond and Billy Ray Cyrus wasn't even a country music star yet, much less Hannah Montana's dad. You'd think Coug fans would be more possessive than usual with respect to their rare top-15 ranking going into Saturday, which died in a hail of points at the hands of unranked UTEP. But the commenters at the Houston Chronicle's Cougar blogs were matter-of-fact about the death of their team's BCS dreams -- hell, they seem happy just to be nominated:

These types of games can happen to the best of teams. You just pick up, learn from the mistakes, and focus on the next one. Despite the loss there are still a number of things that can be accomplished this season. The program's momentum that has been building over the past few years is still on the upswing and those that have consistently followed the team know that one loss is not the end of the world. This team is extremely young and recruiting has been excellent this year. It stands to reason that UH fan's still have a lot of Ws coming down the pipe this season and well into the future.
Even Michael Jordan and the great Tim Duncan have off days, it happens, over confidence. UH just needs to regain focus and get their enery back. The University of Houston will survive and succeed. Go coogs.

The shredded Cougar defense is like two of the greatest athletes of the last three decades in that regard -- if it even was the Cougar defense. Between the reader blog and Steve Campbell's live blog of the loss, readers didn't seem altogether certain which "Houston" team they were watching:

OK, here is the real story from an inside source. The entire Cougar defense was abducted by aliens on Friday night. The Texans' defense obligingly agreed to fill in for them Saturday night.

So take heart, Cougs. If you can get 58 points dumped on you by a random team from the bottom half of Conference USA and still get more respect than your city's NFL franchise, you must be doing something right.

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