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Late November is the time that tries embattled coaches' souls, and the evidence is mounting that Charlie Weis' soul is finished at Notre Dame as the Irish stagger to another relatively mediocre finish outside of the polls: Off three losses in the last four games, athletic director Jack Swarbrick has shrugged off Weis' staggering buyout, the Chicago and South Bend tribunes called for Weis' head on the same day and the university plane was taken off the radar for would-be interview trackers online. As hints go, that's about as subtle as a jackhammer

The odds are so overwhelmingly in favor of Weis' ouster at this point, the online oddsmakers at Bodog.com have officially opened the wagering on Weis' replacement for 2010. One guess at the name with the best odds. Go on, take a shot in the dark.

Who will be the coach of Notre Dame Football for Week 1 of the 2010 Season if it is not Charlie Weis?
Urban Meyer: 3/2
Brian Kelly: 3/2
Jim Harbaugh: 3/1
Chip Kelly: 5/1
Kirk Ferentz: 10/1
Bob Stoops: 20/1
Jon Gruden: 30/1

Brian Kelly remains your man, but no matter how vigorously he protests and proclaims his love for Florida, obviously Urban Meyer's headstone is going to read, "He really wanted to be at Notre Dame." I like those odds on Jon Gruden as a sleeper, too.

And Bob Stoops, for the record, still has no idea what you're talking about.

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Hat tip: Jimmy Shapiro.

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