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We'll have plenty of time later to obsess over the match-ups, tendencies, statistics and other meatier subjects in January's BCS Championship Game. First, the really important question: Like, what is Oregon going to wear?

Of the literally hundreds of quickly discarded combinations bestowed by Nike on CEO/mega-booster Phil Knight's alma mater, which specific look makes the cut for the Ducks' debut on the biggest stage in school history? The answer came Tuesday morning in a presentation in Cowboys Stadium, where the Swoosh Masters – somewhat constrained by the Ducks' status as the designated "away" team in Glendale, Ariz., forcing them into road whites – unveiled the relatively understated look at right. Bow before its incandescent marketing might.

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None of the individual components are new, but it will be the 13th different combination they've trotted out in 13 games. The gray "carbon" helmets will be the same as the ones the Ducks wore against Portland State. (Not to be confused with the ones they wore against Oregon State in the season finale, which feature a gray 'O' logo rather than a yellow one.) The white-on-white look for the jerseys and pants re-creates the Storm Trooper look they rolled out for their Oct. 30 win at USC, though the jerseys will feature bright yellow piping around silver numerals for the first time against a white background.

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The palms of the gloves will form the 'O' logo when put together. (Warning: Do not attempt during an actual game.) And the socks … well, you see the socks. They're the one component of the motif that hasn't been worn before, for obvious reasons. If you were planning to watch the game in 3-D, I'd recommend you stick with standard hi-def, and invest in a good pair of darkened shades to be safe.

Oh, and Under Armour is rolling out some new cleats for Auburn. They're … nice, I guess.

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