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Not content to let the Oregon justice system and coach Chip Kelly have all the fun, an unknown graffiti vigilante has called on the long history of public shaming this week by erecting a billboard/mural in Eugene that depicts the seven Duck players arrested, suspended and/or booted from the team over the last six weeks in their very own clown lineup. Local station KMTR is on the scene:

Foremost in the yearbook of shame are the quartet of Ducks that actually remain on the roster in various states of suspension, quarterback Jeremiah Masoli (top row, green hair), running back LaMichael James (top row, far right), linebacker Kiko Alonso (bottom row, far left) and kicker Rob Beard (bottom row, far right, looking more like Courtney Love after an all-syrup lime Squishee), all of whom have pleaded guilty to an assortment of misdemeanors. They're joined by ex-teammates Garrett Embry, Jamere Holland and Matt Simms, reserves who were quickly shown the door for transgressions ranging from lashing out on Facebook to vengeful assault. The moralistic makeover even includes formerly disgraced running back LeGarrette Blount (top row, third from right), who's been on the straight and narrow since he punching out a Boise State player last September; presumably, he remains on the path to a degree and the NFL.

Clearly, though, they haven't suffered enough in the eyes of our righteous Rembrandt, who could be acting out of any number of motivations. A fed up Duck partisan trying to keep his own team in order? An Oregon State fan out to milk the bad PR downstate for all it's worth. (Beaver fans have been known to apply paint in cruel and reckless fashion in the name of rivalry.) Judging from the lack of OSU or Washington markers, though, this smacks of an inside job. Either that, or Jack Nicholson is in town wearing a purple beret. We'll probably never know.

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