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Punter Paul Hershey apparently was spoiled last year when Ohio went to the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl for its postseason destination. So much so that when the Bobcats were selected by the Famous Idaho Bowl in Boise this year, he wasn't exactly thrilled.

Boise State fans run Ohio punter off Twitter for usual cold bowl complaint

So he did what most athletes do when they're upset about something — he expressed his disappointment on Twitter.

"Idaho? Who the (bleep) wants to play there in December?" Hershey wrote.

Of course, the tweet was picked up and retweeted by the Boise State beat writer from the Idaho Statesman, which prompted the football-loving Idahoans to descend upon Hershey's Twitter account like locusts, forcing him to offer a weak apology/explanation for his original tweet and ultimately remove his account from Twitter altogether.

Boise State fans run Ohio punter off Twitter for usual cold bowl complaint

We didn't get to Hershey's account before it was removed but was able to snag some screenshots of folks who had retweeted Hershey's thoughts.

While Hershey's tweet probably would have drawn the ire of Idaho folks under normal circumstances, their scruff was up Sunday night after learning that Boise State had been passed over for a BCS bowl by Virginia Tech. Twitter bashing Hershey was probably pretty cathartic.

Ohio plays in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl on Dec. 17 and I bet the reception for Hershey is about as warm as the weather.

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