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This is not even remotely a political blog, and I'm frankly a little terrified of the comments it might get today if it ventures too close to that other, you know, thing that's going on. Call me an idiot or make fun of my mug shot if you must (hey, why not both?), but when the candidates get involved, things get nasty. Utterly false, most of the time, but definitely nasty. So I'd just as soon steer clear of this bit of history.

But these are pressing times, people, on which the history and future of our nation turns. As Americans turn out in record numbers to make their voice heard, silence is not an option, for the Doc or anyone else. It is your solemn duty as a citizen to go to the polls and uphold the dignity of out great nation's democratic tradition by casting your vote for the candidate who is on the right side of the greatest challenge of our age: the fight for a college football playoff. Only Barack Obama has the courage and vision to declare it on national television -- Down with the BCS!

The man has his finger on the pulse of the American people. Energetic prankster and ardent Obamaniac Pete Carroll is for a playoff. Hobbled legend and staunch Republican Joe Paterno is for a playoff, too. In his opposition to the dreaded Series, Obama is bringing people together on the issues that really matter to them.

So now is the hour to ask yourself: after the last decade, ten long years of disputed polls, unconscionable snubs and inscrutable algorithms, can we defeat the BCS? Can we, as a nation, forget our regional pride, cross conference boundaries and throw off the yoke that has prevented us from crowning a true national champion throughout our otherwise noble history? I ask you, America: Can we walk united into the promise of a future where a one-loss team from the Pac-10 has the same opportunity as a one-loss team from the Big Ten to prove its merit on the field?

Barack Obama has the answer: Yes. We. Can.

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Hat tip: FanIQ. On second thought, I'm not sure the playoff vs. non-playoff comments are going to be very civil, either.

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