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It's no secret that Nebraska's longstanding Big 12 power struggle with Texas helped push the Cornhuskers into the Big Ten, but Nebraskans are nothing if not civil: Parting shots at the Longhorns during the 'Huskers' final season in the Big 12 are sure to be few, far between, good-natured and above all, subtle.

Actually, you know what? Screw subtle:

In case you missed it, the theme for the Huskers' entire 2010 season appears to be, "Wear Red. Be Loud. Beat Texas." I'm not sure that message is strong enough to go around the entire planet, but it will be in force as always when the Longhorns visit Lincoln for the last time as a conference rival on Oct. 16.

Even polite people are entitled to a little hate, although I'm sure they'll still offer Longhorn fans a beer if they stand around the parking lot looking thirsty enough. I mean, they want to win, but they're not monsters.

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