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Michigan, Notre Dame ‘retro’ uniforms are finally unveiledAt long last the retro uniforms for both Michigan and Notre Dame have been released for the "Under The Lights" game on Sept. 10.

The game marks the first-ever night game at Michigan Stadium and the first primetime game between these two teams since 1990.

The uniforms aren't actually throwbacks like many early reports suggested. Instead, they're labeled as "retro." The Michigan uniform, according to the news release, is "a fusion of uniform design elements from different eras of Michigan football." It's a blue jersey with a quilted stitched design on both the number and the name. The winged helmets will feature each player's number for the first time since the 1960s.

The Notre Dame uniform is a white jersey with green numbers, lettering and stripes on the shoulder. The Irish will wear a shamrock logo on their helmets for the first time since the early 1960s, under the not-so-memorable tenure of coach Joe Kuharich. Also, the years of all of Notre Dame's national title seasons are stitched into the hem of the jersey.

Michigan, Notre Dame ‘retro’ uniforms are finally unveiledInitially, I wasn't a huge fan of the Michigan jerseys, but looking at the photo of the entire uniform put together makes it look kind of snazzy and a little out of Michigan's traditional comfort zone. And of course Notre Dame's just looks classic. I'm pretty sure these uniforms will probably get people more pumped for the game than the actual teams and if that's the case, you can actually purchase your own retro jersey for the low, low price of $80.

And if you're a Michigan fan and really want to get into the spirit, there's an unveiling video on Michigan's official website.

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