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Arkansas 25, Auburn 22. Look, folks, Auburn doesn't need some fancy spread guru to grind its offense to a complete halt in an uninspiring win over the SEC's most hopeless bottom dwellers. The Tigers are perfectly capable of that all on their own -- where Alabama, Texas and Florida ripped the Razorback defense into tiny ribbons, in fact, Auburn will fail three times inside the 10-yard line with the game on the line and put up new season lows:

The majority of those numbers came in the fourth quarter; at the end of the third, the Tigers had five first downs and 86 total yards. After a first quarter kickoff return, Auburn's offensive scoring "drives" covered -3, 36 and 24 yards. And Tony Franklin laughed and he laughed.

Also: 415 yards and 25 points to Arkansas? Maybe Paul Rhoades is on notice, too.

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Photo of Kodi Burns via the Associated Press.

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