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While the college football nation turned its eyes to Urban Meyer's latest farewell in Gainesville, newly "resigned" Dave Wannstedt assembled his team and various media in Pittsburgh for a sincere, heartfelt exit from his alma mater, an institution he strove to represent with pride and dignity for six turbulent years, through the ups and –

What? He's finished already? What was that, like 15 seconds?

OK, 33 seconds. Aaaand scene. I didn't detect any bitterness there, did you?

Wannstedt is actually remaining at the university as a "special assistant" to athletic director Steve Pederson, who called Wannstedt "the consummate Pitt man." Just not such a great Pitt football coach, apparently, despite three consecutive winning season. From the looks of it, that arrangement should go just swimmingly.

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Hat tip: Adam Jacobi.
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