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If I hadn't been up late enough to see it replayed on every cable news show, I wouldn't have believed it myself, but very occasionally, the universe provides: On a slow news day in a slower news week, Lou Holtz goes on Sean Hannity's show and giggles his way through a panel discussion on global warming.

I kept waiting to see a copy of USA Today emerge. Oh fun, I thought, they must have brought him on to do magic tricks. But no:

Sean Hannity. Nancy Pfotenhauer. Lou Holtz. One of these things is not like the other.

Look at him laughing. Can you honestly tell me he knows where he is? And before you skitter down to the comments to type PINKO PINKO COMMIE PINKO, please note: It's not that it's Hannity. It's not even that this "It's global cooling we have to worry about!" nonsense has been debunked ad nauseam. No, the takeaway here is that Lou Holtz was engaged as a panelist on a political talk show, when there's scant evidence that the coach/doctor is a viable panelist on a football talk show.

Scheduled Hannity topics for next week include Dabo Swinney's plan to fix Social Security, Ron Zook's incisive analysis of Russo-Iranian relations, and a preview of Dave Wannstedt's forthcoming book, "55 Easy Steps To Nationalized Healthcare."

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Hat tip: Awful Announcing. Holly welcomes your adulation and scorn at nastinchka-at-yahoo, etc.

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