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First rule of dressing up for Halloween: any costume that requires an explanation is probably a bad costume. Maybe covering yourself in hay and painting a dollar sign on your chest as "The Economic Bale Out" seemed like a stroke of brilliance when you thought of it, but if people you don't know can't tell what you're supposed to be as they drunkenly stumble towards where they think they parked their car, it's not that clever.

So, following that rule, thumbs down to Wolverine-turned-Buckeye Justin Boren for venturing out last weekend in one of the most elaborate, irony-layered costumes ever conceived:

All night long, lest confused people think he was just an average Michigan fan on any day of the year, Boren had to give the following explanation to everyone he met:

I'm dressed as Michigan football coach Rich Rodriguez. See, I started my career at Michigan, following my dad, who played for Bo Schembechler. In high school, I wanted to go to Ohio State, but Bo said no way. I started at Michigan for a year, and then Michigan hired Rich Rodriguez, who had no connection to Bo and ran tougher practices than Lloyd Carr and wouldn't give me time off to help with my dad's snow plowing business. So I quit the team, accused Rodriguez of betraying Michigan's family values on my way out and enrolled at Ohio State, where I plan to compete for a starting position on the offensive line next year.

So now I'm Rich Rodriguez for Halloween, which is funny because I called him a terrible coach who ruined Michigan's program even before that actually happened, and nobody wants to be him right now. See why that's funny?

See? That costume is hilarious, if you're Justin Boren, or have been intensely following Justin Boren's life for the last four years. The anonymous bunny doesn't seem to mind, anyway.

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Hat tip: MGoBlog.

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