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Jordan Jefferson and friends eluding the heat in Baton Rouge bar fightMaking the morning rounds.

Justice can wait. Despite the roomful of smoke that accumulated over the weekend, there is still no fire in Baton Rouge, where LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson and several teammates have not been arrested or charged in a bar fight that sent four people to the hospital last Thursday night. Coach Les Miles confirmed after Saturday's practice that multiple players violated curfew that night after a routine bed check, and were paying for it in extra wind sprints; witnesses also told a Baton Rouge television station that Jefferson personally kicked a Marine in the head during the course of the fight. A Baton Rouge police sergeant conceded "the name 'Jordan Jefferson' came up as being involved in one of the fights," along with "several other LSU football players."

As of Sunday night, though, the players had decided to delay a scheduled interview with police and had not been asked to turn themselves in. I don't have any inside information, but this being law and order in Louisiana, I predict a big break in the case to come sometime on the morning of Sept. 4. [Associated Press, WAFB-TV, Baton Rouge Advocate]

There's no 'I' in 'Team.' Former Miami running back Alonzo Highsmith, father of current Miami safety A.J. Highsmith, said he's contemplating filing a lawsuit against the NCAA if the Hurricanes are sanctioned as a result of the Nevin Shapiro scandal, arguing that sanctions would be punishing players (like his son) who aren't accused of violating any NCAA rules. "Here's the issue I have with this whole thing," the elder Highsmith told the Miami Herald. "In NCAA football, why do we punish so many people for the actions of a few? These athletic programs and football programs are people's livelihoods. Kids commit to these colleges so they can get an education, win national championships and play in bowl games. And you're going to take all of that away from them because of the actions of a few people?"

I'm not sure if 60-plus players and coaches over nearly a decade is just "a few people," but I guess it's worth a shot. [Miami Herald]

You got two, you really got none. Senior Joe Bauserman and freshman Braxton Miller have clearly separated themselves as options 1a and 1b in Ohio State's four-man quarterback derby, but didn't do anything in Saturday's "Jersey Scrimmage" to separate themselves from one another. With attention beginning to shift from position battles to preparation for the opener against mighty Akron, the general consensus still seems to be that Bauserman will take the first snaps but yield significant time to Miller in the hopes that the freshman has some grasp of the entire offense in time for Big Ten play in October.

"Based on what we've done in the past, I think we've got to have two quarterbacks ready," offensive coordinator Jim Bollman told the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. "Especially early in the year, we always play a couple guys. I think right now we would follow suit in that direction." [Cleveland Plain-Dealer, Eleven Warriors]

In less optimistic Buckeye news, starting linebacker Etienne Sabino suffered a broken hand during the scrimmage, but expects to be back for the opener. [Columbus Dispatch]

Happy trails. Connecticut athletic director Jeff Hathaway has announced his pending "retirement" last Friday, roughly six months after being taken to task by a top booster for hiring Paul Pasqualoni as the Huskies' new head coach. For all of the success on his watch since 2003 (especially in basketball), Hathaway reportedly has an "icy" relationship with hoops coach Jim Calhoun, and also oversaw NCAA sanctions in Calhoun's program. But a $531,717 severance package through September 2013 isn't a bad way to go out. [Associated Press]

"Maxwell" is very jealous. The best thing about this picture isn't that Dan Mullen brought his dog to a press conference.

Jordan Jefferson and friends eluding the heat in Baton Rouge bar fight

It's the dog's name: "Heisman." Mullen would really like to get a bull mastiff named "Tebow," but has yet to find one with pure enough breeding. [@bmarcello]

Quickly… Rivals releases its preseason All-America team. … The Associated Press releases the individual ballots of each poll voter. … Vanderbilt picks up yet another quarterback. … N.C. State is down a defensive tackle for the first month of the season, at least. … Marvin Austin took a 400 level class on Bioethics in Africa in his first semester on campus at North Carolina. … A view of the Miami scandal from the reporter who busted SMU 25 years ago. … The athletes aren't to blame for the U's problems, unless they are. … And I am shocked, shocked that Georgia fans don't like the Bulldogs' new "Pro Combat" look.

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